PictureMany of you have heard me talk about allowing joy and sorrow to co-exist. And I want you to know I walk this talk. No, it’s not easy to do. Not easy at all. Very hard in fact. AND…it is possible.

It doesn’t always look a certain way. I’m not saying that they must both be present at any given moment.

What I’m suggesting is that we are open to the possibility of joy still being present somehow in our lives EVEN WHEN there is sorrow. Just let that sink in for a moment.

Not saying that even when you’re grieving a loss that you’re going to necessarily be feeling joy or even the capacity to ever have it again…When we are in the PITS it can feel like we’ll never be happy ever again. I get it. Big time.

Check out this video I made in the midst of some pretty big grief. Let me know your thoughts.

And then the next day I made this video…


What do you think? How can you imagine the possibility of joy and sorrow co-existing? Please share your thoughts below or contact me directly, I’d love to hear your thoughts.