Hello parents & professionals,

Parents and professionals alike tell me that parental distress is a major challenge during a child’s treatment. Who wouldn’t be in distress? When your child is being hijacked by one of these deadly brain illnesses it is terrifying. Parents are at a loss. What to do? Everyone TELLS parents to get their oxygen mask on, but how? It’s uncommon still for anyone on the child’s treatment team to give parents the tools they need to get their own oxygen masks on.  And who is providing accountability and support? Check out my short video on first steps for getting the oxygen mask on.

What are you willing to do to help your loved one? Will you give the oxygen mask theory a try for them?

For more support watch here and on my website for the H.U.G. Toolkits (Hope Understanding & Guidance) that will have videos & workbook going into depth on the tools parents need to reduce distress and be more effective caregivers.

You probably have questions about more ways to get your oxygen mask in place while doing the heavy lifting of caregiving. Reach out to me via the contact page here and ask me a question. No problem. That’s what I’m here for.

National Caregiving Conference Presenter Becky Henry

Friday Nov 9 – Panel Moderator, Finding Our Best During the Days That Feel the Worst: Diagnosis D
ay, Hospital Admission, End of Life Panel Discussion”

Saturday Nov 10 – Panel Participant, The Path to the Diagnosis”

Saturday Nov 10 – Presenting “Reducing Caregiver Distress and Increasing their Capacity.”

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