In case you missed my newsletter on St. Patty’s Day, you can catch it here on my blog. As we get closer to the launch of the HUG Kits on May 9th, I’m sharing tips from each of the 10 topics covered in the HUG Kit Guidebooks that accompany the 10 videos and the physical copy of my book.

HUG Kit Cover

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend to those who celebrate.

Still traveling…making our way slowly back to Minnesnowta (looking like the temps are to hit 50 when we arrive by next weekend!) via Seattle to visit our daughter, her partner and our grand-dog Jack. Had fun (and challenges…following two 20-somethings – and a mountain dog…up a mountain…) hiking in the cascades yesterday. It’s great to take a break from work and social media.
I’ll be back on Monday. Literally walking the self-care talk daily. ​

As we move toward the launch of the HUG Kits, here is the second HUG Kit Topic from the 10 part video series and downloadable guidebook on “Oxygen.”

The goal for this chapter topic is: Getting your oxygen mask firmly in place. Like what I’m doing on this extended road trip…getting my oxygen mask in place and living life the best I can. You may be wondering why this is necessary when it is your loved one with the eating disorder that is in dire need of help. Feel free to check out my blog post on getting your oxygen mask firmly in place.

How might you give yourself permission to consciously make a plan for putting your oxygen mask on?

Need help on getting started on your self care plan? You can see ideas on my YouTube Channel .

If you’re still feeling stuck, you may want to consider joining the weekly online group support that I lead each Wednesday on Zoom Video.

You may find it helpful to ask yourself these questions: What’s stopping you from feeling selfish about self care? What will get in your way? What/Who will support you in making this big SHIFT HAPPEN?

Take care,

Ask about special rates on bulk orders of the H.U.G. Kits to share with your families so they are less distressed. They’ll be ready in a couple of weeks!!Becky Henry, Founder
Hope Network, LLC – Eating Disorder Family Support