Every single parent with whom I’ve spoken over the past 16 years who has a child with an eating disorder would like for that child to have freedom and independence from that eating disorder. 

Hopefully your Independence Day weekend celebrations have allowed you some freedom from the demands of eating disorders. What boundaries have allowed you to take care of your sweet self? 

My wish for professionals is to have the skills to support families in setting and following through on boundaries so that loved one’s fighting eating disorders can have the support they need to find that freedom and independence. And for family caregivers I wish for you to have this support, as you also deserve freedom and independence from the ed.

Need ideas on boundaries? Here is a sneak peek at my HUG Kit Boundaries topic on YouTube.


This Thursday I’ll be in Birmingham, AL speaking with Carlus Houston at the University of AL (UAB) Eating Disorders Symposium. Professionals there are CE’savailable and I’ll be giving away some gifts. 🙂 Let me know if you’ll be there, I would love to say hi in person. 

Thanks for reading and please be safe and remember YOUR NEEDS MATTER and having joy and sorrow together is possible.