Happy Labor Day Weekend to my American readers! Happy regular day to my non-American readers. 

I’m practicing being gentle with myself – walking the talk doncha know (have to share a little Minnesotan dialect now and then). 

In service of taking a break from labor, I’m modeling self-care for families and simply sharing some of my favorite articles on boundaries today. This seems to be where most families get stuck due to fear and worry. 

This is a favorite ERC blog post on boundaries by Dr. Allison Chase. 

And one of mine from 2017 on boundaries, “3 Reasons to Set and Enforce Boundaries”

And then a tricky complicating piece that often gets muddled when trying to set boundaries is the spectrum between hyper-vigilance and being checked-out. See if you notice how the constant vigilance can wear parents out to the point they are checked-out and exhausted. 

Kitty Westin and I spontaneously riffing on the topic

How will you guide families to find the balance?