Hearing a previous client say, “I’m deeply grateful for the way you helped me put my pieces back together. And they shine brighter than before.” reignites my passion for doing the work I do. Some days I need a reminder of the passion for changing the way parents are supported when caregiving, so no one ever has to feel so isolated and alone like I did. 

Luminous Momma whose writings I share reignites my passion with her ‘brutiful’ words:

“Always remember, how you walked me through the valley of death.”


“You guided me in finding my superpower of writing and helped me name it. And gave me a space to grow my writing, heal and share my words.

And you affirmed my words.”

Passion is one of the keys to growing hope and happiness as I learned from our sponsor, ERC at their presentation on happiness in September 2019: EDCI (Eating Disorders Coalition of Iowa) & NEDN – (Nebraska ED Network) Omaha, NE – “Psychology of Happiness, a Provider and Patient Perspective” –Dr. Ralph Carson, RD, LD, PhD and ERC National Recovery Advocate Shannon Kopp.

Doing that which is meaningful and ignites passion is one key which creates new cells in the left pre-frontal cortex region of the brain. 

In their presentation we learned about the brain and neuroscience from Dr. Carson and how Shannon was able to change her brain while working with dogs. Together they showed us how a person can grow the number of cells in the Left Prefrontal Cortex region of the brain. And why that makes people happier and able to function without their eating disorders behaviors. 

When we understand what is happening in the brain and how people with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other brain illnesses don’t have enough cells in the part of the brain (Left Pre-frontal Cortex) that defines happiness it can increase our compassion. 

When we increase our compassion, it reduces our frustration so we can utilize new tools and skills. 

There are many ways to increase the number of cells in the Left Pre-frontal Cortex (PFC) of the brain! You can see the webinars Shannon Kopp and Eating Recovery Center do here at Say It Brave.

You can see the original article here to find out the other keys to growing hope and happiness from these two experts. 

When you’re a family caregiver of someone with an eating disorder, fear can engage the right side of the pre-frontal cortex which helps keep us safe, it also can give us chemistry that keeps us miserable. Dr. Carson shared that to grow our hope and happiness we need to engage the left pre-frontal cortex to balance out the cells between the two sides. We can actually create new cells through neurogenesis or (neuro-regeneration) in the left PFC by using the different key tools. 

This key tool of “passion” helps grow those new cells on the left PFC. It matters not one bit what it is that you’re passionate about. Simply engaging in activities that really matter help with growing the cells in the left PFC and help balance out the cells that the constant fear is producing in our right PFC. 

When I have the honor of accompanying a family caregiver to find their path back to themselves it gives me immense joy and satisfaction. 

“You helped me find a path back to my heart.

I learned to be in my skin again.” – Luminous Momma

The attitude with which we do our job creates a rich and meaningful life. When we are doing something we are passionate about, it helps this attitude to shift and helps grow our capacity to have hope. 

How are you living in a way that is consistent with your values? 

What is one thing that really matters to you, that you are truly passionate about that you can do more of this week? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.