How can we be more like an innocent child or a puppy and be focused on; fun, family and being outside?

Now more than ever it is essential to practice EXTREME SELF-CARE and use our calming tools to intentionally find calm. It is easier said than done I know. The temptation to look at the latest news looms large. Yes we do need to stay informed and we need to balance that with intentional calming tools.

Those with eating disorders often have anxiety disorders as well and always need us to be as calm, compassionate and confident in our caregiving as possible. During this world-wide outbreak we need to really amp up our game on being as calm, compassionate and confident in our caregiving as possible.


Here are 5 Tips for Family Caregivers of those with Eating Disorders to Finding Calm During COVID 19:

  1. Consciously limit news intake.
  2. Get outside and notice nature.
  3. Spend time focused on what matters to you.
  4. Practice gratitude more.
  5. Intentionally find things to smile or laugh about.

It can be so easy to talk about our concerns and worries all the time. This can add to our loved one’s anxieties so we need to find ways to express our worries so we don’t share and spread the worries.

How can you  create a plan that works for you to manage your worries during this uncertain time?

Feel free to call if you want to discuss a plan for you. Next week I’ll write about how to create a quarantine routine.

Remember, what we focus on is what we create more of. What will you focus on today?