Simply watching or reading the news right now can raise anyone’s blood pressure and anxiety levels. Add to that being the family caregiver of someone with an eating disorder and it can spiral a person down into a dark place very quickly. It can decrease our capacity to be there for our loved one to the point we are no longer able to be very calm, compassionate or confident in our caregiving. 

Yes, I am constantly beating the drum of more self care. AND, there is good reason. We stink at it for the most part, unless we have practiced a LOT and are consistently intentional about making it a priority. That is not easy. When we do practice self care consistently and intentionally, it dramatically increases our capacity to do the hard things. 

To help you or families you know (YES you can share this) to really embrace the concepts of filling you up, I’m sharing (with permission of course) this gorgeous thank you note that a previous client sent to me the other day. 

My hope is that you are able to take from their words a path forward out of your suffering to clear the way for hope and dare I say it? Joy. 

“Becky I hope this note finds you and yours safe and healthy amidst all the clamoring and confusion happening around us. It is a new space to navigate, a new place to own your own breath and set beautiful boundaries. Does this seem familiar? Yes, actually yes it does.  

I have done hard and heart aching and I have held hope high in the darkest of times. I did not for even a moment believe that these things I learned from you would help me thrive in a time of fear and pandemic. Thrive? Well, yes Becky.

I learned to get up early and ground myself in a walk before anyone or anything could get into my sweet mind. I learned being in my skin through exercise and taking time to do it made me stronger and gave me more bend so as not to break. I did not know I would be practicing for a Shelter in Place calling.

I learned what I am capable of and better yet I learned who I was and who I am not so as to set beautiful boundaries to protect and preserve my time and energy and talents.

I learned not to future trip as all we have at this moment is this very present moment and I practiced to be in this here and now and know deep this is the only place to rest in for this day.

I learned that joy and sorrow come mingled together and that you can actually hold both even in the same moment.  For blessings can shine through even the darkest of spaces and actually it is the place where they shine brightest!!! 

I learned that Fear must be felt so I can go on with the business of ‘Living in Faith’ and holding hope high so a different way of being in my circumstances could be forged for me and my family.

I learned Love Wins, and it does.

I learned holding space for another is one of the greatest gifts we can bestow and it is a lot easier said than done.

I learned I can still offer something to someone though I may not feel I have anything of value to give. Sometimes our presence is the very best offering of all.

I learned that in choosing a Next I am not beholden to it, I can then shift to the next Next and that is ok.

I learned two steps forward and three steps back is still one step forward!

I can grow even when all around me is stagnant.

I learned to take care of my own sweet self and ‘self more’ means more of me for my people.

I learned that silly helps balance out the sad and that dancing it out for a few minutes a day is a great way to shift the ‘shittyness’.

I learned I am amazing and beauty-full and I spin words that heal and help and guide and grace others and that is my best superpower!!!!!!

Thank you for giving me a guide for such as this time.


My thanks to this previous client for the permission to share these powerful words.