As we are in this holy week for so many who observe various religious traditions, this quarantine/lock-down/shelter-in-place takes an even bigger toll on our inability to gather with some or all of our loved ones. 

We are all experiencing some level of grief whether or not we acknowledge it. We might instead be noticing that we have less focus, energy, motivation, ability to concentrate and more. The stresses are higher than ever and we’re being tasked with holding tight and being okay with a whole lot of not knowing. 

That is not easy. 

Throw in a loved one’s heightened anxiety and ongoing eating disorder as well as other possible mental health diagnoses and it’s a recipe for a very stress-filled situation that calls for being as flexible and adaptable as possible. Just noticed lots of “ables” there…which reminds me…. YOU are ABLE to handle this. AND, it’s going to take some shifting, being flexible and being conscious in how you are BEing. 

What is one thing you can shift this holiday season that will allow you to feel the spirit of celebration? Shift happens when we allow different perspectives to be tried out.

How might you allow some flexibility into your celebrating? Being flexible isn’t just for gymnasts and yogis. 😉

What can you be conscious of that can help you feel gratitude during this time?

 My wish for you is a confidence boost in your ABILITY to be flexible and adaptable and gentle with who and how you are BEing.