Well, here we are…another weekend of this pandemic. Yes, it’s the weekend—the days do seem to run together when leaving home is a rarity and going out with friends on the weekend is a thing of the past. 

About a month ago I shared about the global grief we’ve all been feeling and that it’s okay to not be okay. And that we can bravely hang onto hope. 

Now we are to the time of graduations, end of school year celebrations, weddings, summer vacations

and planning for fall. Things we count on for fun, connection and celebration. Most of these things are being cancelled, rescheduled, redesigned, or put off indefinitely. The series of losses keep piling up like driftwood on a shore. The waves keep coming. No time alone to regroup and grieve all the losses is yet another loss. Missing time with friends and family is yet another wave of grief.

By now you’re seeing the pattern of waves, crashing upon your battered shores.

There is a name for the loss people across our globe are experiencing, it’s called, “Ambiguous Loss” and it can wear us down.

The grief can be so exhausting and confusing. It’s not the same grief like when someone dies, it lacks clarity and is confusing. The American Psychological Association shares insights from some experts on ambiguous loss here.   6 steps to cope with these losses and have hope:


  1. Notice it.
  2. Name it
  3. FEEL it.
  4. Say it.
  5. Breathe.
  6. Keep Stepping forward.

My hope for you is that you will find these 6 steps helpful and that you will be gentle with yourselves as we all go through these continuing times of uncertainty.

It’s hard for everyone in different ways and however you are experiencing it is okay. For those of you with kids with Eating Disorders please know that you’re not alone and they are not alone in this being an extraordinarily difficult time. Call me and we can talk about support that fits for you.