Much like an athletic coach, part of my role is to remind my clients (much like the players in a sport) what they’re in the game for. What the end goal is. Staying focused on the goal when confidence is eroded is challenging. 

What gets in the way of being confident for parents of a child with an eating disorder?
  • Fears.
  • Noise.
  • Not listening/not being listened to.
  • Losing sight of the goal.
  • Not forgiving ones self.
  • Not trusting ones self.
  • Loose or non-existent boundaries/follow through.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Being told you’re; hated by your child, the worst parent in the world, supposed to back off.
What helps restore some confidence when parenting a child with an eating disorder?

It is my hope that one day, the Standard Of Care (SOC) for eating disorders treatment will include a support person for the parents. Here is a quote from a previous client of mine on how the support of our coaching impacted their life. 

“Thank you Becky, I can’t even convey adequately ever how you have changed my life… Your presence and your wisdom and your encouragement and your confidence in me and your knowing what the struggle truly is and validating it has changed my entire world and hope for the future.”         ~ Client

Feel free to call me and register for a free 30 minute consult to learn more about how coaching might be useful. Until the SOC includes a support person for the family caregivers, it’s vital to make sure parents are practicing EXTREME self care, getting education and being offered support. 

Parents, what is one thing you can do in each of these areas to help grow your confidence? There are hyperlinks on several of the actions that help restore confidence. You can do this. Your parallel process will help your child towards recovery.