Between preparing for my first training course to teach other’s to do the work I do and fine tuning the webinar series Ibbits Newhall, Wendy Wright and I are creating for families via Recovery Roadmap Specialists and learning how to stay sane and safe during a pandemic, life got to a tipping point. I knew what was needed…massive and extreme self care. (See photo of me on empty rocky beach on Lake Superior.) That which I’m constantly encouraging my coaching clients to do so they can be calm, confident, compassionate caregivers.

Massive and extreme self care is going to make a difference in how we each cope during this increasingly stressful time. 

Fears are growing all around for everyone. Family members with eating disorders and other anxiety disorders are having increasingly more difficulties. Which further increases caregiver fears. 

You know I walk my talk. So thankfully I have a flexible husband and when I said, “I can’t take this heat and humidity of this city – lets go North!” he booked us a safe place to stay and we headed to Grand Marais, MN right next to the Canadian border. It’s definitely cooler up there and the lake breezes kept us cool so we could enjoy outdoor activities without dripping with sweat.

Here are a few of my insights from my extreme self care of a few days of escape to the cooler north woods:

  1. Looking at lakes, rivers and oceans is beautiful, enjoyable and makes me smile. 
  2. Moving my body outdoors among plants while taking in beautiful scenery boosts my mood and energy. 
  3. When I get a change of scenery, my creativity increases and new ideas show up!
  4. Road trips help me get a new perspective on things. 
  5. Being in wide open spaces outside without people around was as refreshing as dipping my feet into chilly Lake Superior. 
  6. Being away from my computer allowed me to relax and have fun. 
  7. Walking on the rocky shores of the giant cool lake without other people nearby felt fun, safe, calming, peaceful and carefree. Those are things that are becoming more and more challenging to access. 
  8. Joyful movement in nature allows me to reclaim the power over my own mind instead of allowing outside events to take control of it. I’m reminded of this Marcus Aurelius Quote.

We all find different things to be soothing. It’s important to find the things that fill YOU and your spirit. Some people don’t enjoy being in nature, so what can you find inside that is calming, fun, relaxing or energizing? 

Getting away from work, the heat of the city and into nature reminded me that even at the darkest moments we can find sunshine and hope.

Even back home, watching the tall grasses bend with the rain and wind, I’m reminded of how strong the grass is even though it looks soft. Nature can teach us so much when we take time to pay attention. 

It’s a delicate balance to be prepared, aware, to take precautions while maintaining hope. This takes strength and support from others. If you’re ready to have some support for this wild and crazy journey, give me a call and we can set up a free 30 minute consultation to see if the coaching model I utilize might be a good fit for your situation.