Individual Coaching Sessions

Treatment Centers, when parents get coached to do their PIECE, they find PEACE. Then FEAR doesn’t wear them out.

Do parents feel helpless and hopeless? Are parents saying being CALM is impossible?

Provide this coaching now for parents so they can do their ‘Parallel Process’ and can better support a child in recovery.


Parents, if your treatment center does not yet offer this coaching, ask them to.
And if they’re not ready YET, you can pay directly.

Dancing with the client, Becky helps uncover the answers within to help parents get their oxygen masks on and firmly in place.

Clients come away with:

Tools for coping

Practical skills for self-care

Deep knowledge about eating disorders

Renewed peace, calm and confidence in parenting their very sick child

Hope for the future

Increased confidence in caring for loved one with an eating disorder

Peace for the ongoing journey

Reclaimed JOY!

Referral Partner Rates and Packages 

Each weekly call is between 45 – 60 minutes long.


Monthly fees are paid prior to coaching:
$500.00 for four sessions ($125.00 per 60-minute session)
$800.00 for eight sessions (20% discount)


Becky Henry is taking a limited number of clients, referred by her colleagues, at a rate of $600.00 for four sessions and $960.00 for eight sessions (20% discount). If you are a clinical colleague, please contact Becky directly.

To meet The Hope Network Team and schedule an appointment, please visit the corresponding links to the right:

Coaching Reviews/Testimonials from Caregivers & Parents

Are you considering bringing Becky Henry’s Coaching to your treatment center to help parents and other caregivers get their oxygen masks on?

Here is what some of Becky Henry’s coaching clients have to say about how her 1: 1 coaching and group coaching have helped them!

​”You’ve so beautifully taught me how to set boundaries!” ~ Client

I believed I could stop erasing my own sweet self and I asked Becky Henry to accompany me (she is a coach for mommas of children with Eds) in this space of Impossible where I lived. I needed to save my own life, my daughter’s anorexia was eating me alive!!!!!!  And a year of YES began, I said “yes” to me, and through that tiny shift impossible became. I Am Possible❤️

And I began to shed the heartbreaking story I kept telling myself that no longer served me.

I choose daily a new story?” ~ Client


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