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Thank you to the following Eating Disorders Treatment Centers for your generous sponsorships of Hope Network Parent Programs!

Treatment Center Sponsors:

At Clementine, we support adolescents and their families on the path to full recovery by preparing each adolescent to navigate the challenges of life free of the eating disorder. We provide the empathy, education, and support to families as partners in the recovery process. We help each adolescent to replace the eating disorder with healthy skills and a deep understanding of how to live a life that reflects their own unique individuality.

Monte Nido’s treatment approach focuses on the restoration of physiological and nutritional balance, the implementation of healthy eating and exercise routines, the elimination of destructive behaviors, and the development of motivation and treatment engagement. 

Click here to see a list of our locations across the United States. 

Oliver-Pyatt Center’s eating disorder residential treatment center offers a truthful and non-judgmental approach to psychiatric and medical residential eating disorder treatment. Through comprehensive and carefully planned levels of care, we create a space where individuals can find their recovered self.

We believe an important part of residential eating disorder treatment is preparing our patients for the real world outside of our residential eating disorder treatment facility. We do this through daily supported exposure therapy, step-down programs, aftercare planning and by providing comprehensive residential programming.

Monte Nido & Affiliates includes three distinct eating disorder treatment programs: Monte Nido and Oliver-Pyatt Centers, which provides residential treatment to women, and outpatient treatment for males and females; and Clementine for adolescent girls. We began offering residential treatment in 1996 having been founded by women who are fully recovered and became leaders in the eating disorder treatment field.

What binds us together is our vast overlap in mission and philosophical approaches to providing best-in-class, evidence-based treatment for eating disorders – from a medical, psychiatric, therapeutic and nutritional perspective.  We are committed to being industry leaders and share the belief that fully recovery is possible. Additionally all of our residential programs are in home-like settings, providing an environment conducive to healing.

Eating Recovery Center – A Place for Healing and Lasting Recovery. Eating Recovery Center’s Child and Adolescent Treatment offers comprehensive eating disorder recovery programs for girls and boys ages 10 through 17 — bringing together a highly experienced team of experts to address the physical, psychological and social implications of these illnesses. With residential centers in Colorado, Illinois, Texas, and Washington, we will find the best fit for you and your loved one.

Our programs provide parents and families with the skills and tools they need to become agents of change and healing for their child as they learn how to most effectively support a child struggling with  an eating disorder. • Family therapy sessions • Family support groups (in-person and online) • Family education groups/webinars • Family education days, offered monthly during and after treatment • Alumni & Family Liaison team to provide ongoing support.

When you partner with Eating Recovery Center, your child and your family will receive the specialized care you need so your lives can, once again, be filled with light and hope. 

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This is one way you can support mothers who’ve sacrificed so much. We’re open to discussing other ideas you have. Patients gets all of the therapy and the mothers don’t get a chance to process their pain. While the child is away at treatment the mom can get permission to take care of herself and get her oxygen mask firmly in place.

I believe your treatment outcomes will be even better than they already are and the parents will have more energy to support their child instead of being drained and fried and wanting to run the other direction.  They learn tools, renew and re-energize and it’s your chance to show that you treat the whole family without having to develop a whole new program within your center or add staff.


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