Eating Disorder Family Support

Getting support for the family and caregiver is critical to ensure the right solution and support is available for your loved one.

“#1 reason to involve caregivers in treatment: Improved outcomes for patients and caregivers across the lifespan.”~ Dr. Adele LaFrance *

    • reduced eating disorder psychopathology
    • improved quality of life
    • reduced stays
    • reduce caregiver burden
    • reduced expressed emotion in the family


*Based on research (Dare, & Eisler, 1987; Herpertz-Dahlmann, et at., 2014; H.ibbs, et al., 2015; Godart, et al., 2012; Madden, et at., 2015; Magill et al. 2015; Russell, Szmukler,)

…when an eating disorder takes over the body and mind of your loved one, you want to have hope – hope that the person will want help to get better. 

Welcome! Feel free to take advantage of just a few of things we offer:


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Becky Henry

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Becky Henry is changing the way parents & other caregivers are supported by helping them have SHIFT HAPPEN!

Self-Care is Caring for Your Child! It is NOT Selfish.

When caregivers allow waves of sorrow & joy to co-exist they have more: CONFIDENCE,
CALMNESS & COMPASSION  to support a loved one in recovery.

My Philosophy

We respect the role of the caregiver, therefore, everything we do is based on building respect. We believe that caregivers provide a vital role in recovery and our programs will educate and train them to be effective in this role.

No one should face an eating disorder alone.

No one should cope with the chaos, confusion and isolation that comes with the challenge of an eating disorder.

Through education and support, it is possible to find sanity, fun and joy in everyday family life.

We’ve been there; we understand.


HUG Toolkits for Caregivers

Seeing families suffering in isolation grabbed my imagination so much that I wanted to get these tools in as many people’s hands as possible. I imagined and created a simple, cost effective way to get these antidotes into family caregiver’s lives and created the HUG Kits.

Online Group Phone Support Options

These calls are designed for you, the caregiver of a loved one with an eating disorder.


Access to LIVE once a month group Q & A calls with Becky on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 11:00am EST.


Access to LIVE once a week group
Q & A calls with Becky on
Wednesdays at 7:00pm EST.

Individual Coaching

When parents get coached to do their PIECE, they find PEACE. Then FEAR doesn’t wear them out.

Do parents feel helpless and hopeless? Are parents saying being CALM is impossible? Provide this coaching now for parents so they can do their “Parental Process” and can better support a child in recovery.

Parents, if your treatment center does not yet offer this coaching, ask them to. And if they’re not ready YET, you can pay directly.


Thank you to the following Eating Disorders Treatment Centers for your generous sponsorships of Hope Network Parent Programs!

Coaching Reviews/Testimonials from Caregivers & Parents

Are you considering bringing Becky Henry’s Coaching to your treatment center to help parents and other caregivers get their oxygen masks on?

Here is what some of Becky Henry’s coaching clients have to say about how her 1: 1 coaching and group coaching have helped them!

“Thank you Becky, I can’t adequately convey my gratitude for how you have changed my life! Your availability, willingness to listen, wisdom, encouragement, confidence in me and your knowing what the struggle truly is and then acknowledging it for me (when others won’t see or accept my pain) has changed my entire world and offers me hope for the future. I’m not overstating any of this!!! You have made that much of an impact on my life!

Today, it was so powerful to be reminded of how difficult it is to reset entrenched relationship expectations and yet, I am now able to see I need to, and that it is a game changer for me and for my family. My child has witnessed my emotions, my fear and my elevated emotional state in response to her crises for so many years that it is taking a completely different persona from me to convince her that not only can I be different, but she and I can be different together.” A.L.


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