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Becky Henry

Eating Disorder Parent Coach/Retreat Facilitator, Speaker, National Award-Winning Author


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Becky Henry’s belief that support and accompaniment while allowing waves of sorrow and joy to co-exist gives caregivers a sense of calm, compassion, and confidence. Her work has guided caregivers across the globe and they are having SHIFT HAPPEN, reclaiming joy, calmness, and peace…even those who have lost a loved one. 

Becky Henry uses her skills as a Certified, Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) to guide families to let go of fear and panic, practice self-care skills, and become effective supporters for their loved ones. 

Becky founded Hope Network, LLC in 2003 to change the way parents are supported when caregiving someone with an eating disorder. While caregiving a loved one with a life-threatening eating disorder, she saw a huge gap in supporting families and she’s being the change. As a mom who has walked this journey since 2000, Becky created services to support families. 

Her services include:

  • Group Phone Support 
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • HUG Kits
  • Recovery Roadmaps Webinar Series
  • Training Professionals and Peer Coaches in her model
  • Speaking to health care professional associations

A National Award-Winning Author, Henry published, “Just Tell Her To Stop; Family Stories of Eating Disorders”  in 2011 to reduce caregiver isolation, expose the reality of eating disorders, and reduce stigma. Becky has expanded her services to include all caregivers who need to fill the holes in their quickly emptying cups and get their oxygen masks firmly in place.


Memberships: International Coach Federation (on Minnesota Chapter Board 2015-2017), Board member; and Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA).

Rebecca Brumm, MA, LPC, CEDS

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist -Supervisor (CEDS-S) and EDC Coach

As a recovered clinician, Rebecca Brumm is passionate about healing the mind/body connection and the programming she creates reflects this philosophy.

Though she has helped clients through a variety of challenges in her practice as a therapist since 2005, she specializes in helping people work on improving their body image and overcoming eating disorders. Her expertise in this area comes from a variety of perspectives. Rebecca served as the Clinical Director for a prestigious nationally recognized eating disorder treatment center and has been providing eating disorder treatment since 2008. She is a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, a Health At Every Size (HAES) practitioner, and has served as a national health presenter for Cigna Health. Additionally, Rebecca earned the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist -Supervisor (CEDS-S) credential. This credential is a designation from the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp) Foundation. It requires a rigorous set of criteria for the evaluation of education, training, knowledge, and experience in treating eating disorders. This specialized certification allows her to offer clients the assurance and confidence that the highest standards of care will be provided throughout all stages of treatment. The Supervisor designation allows her to educate and supervise clinicians seeking this designation to assure the standard of care in the field.

For nearly two decades, she has experienced how a strained relationship with the body can negatively affect the quality of life. Rebecca is passionate about helping people develop self-compassion, connection, and acceptance. She believes learning to nurture a healthy relationship with one’s body can be transformative in someone’s overall quality of life. Rebecca also believes parents are in the best position to help their child recover and that they need their own support and nurturing in order to serve this role in their child’s life.


My Website: www.parentingthroughed.com

AE Rueppel, MA

Eating Disorder Caregiver Coach & Educator

AE Rueppel is a Boston-based mother of 3 who awoke eight years ago to find that one of her daughters had been “stolen in the middle of the night” by the insidious and debilitating disease of anorexia nervosa. A positive experience with Family Based Treatment allowed for the healthy return and full recovery of her daughter, providing proof that recovery is possible.

Guided by her deep compassion for parents, caregivers, and families going through the experience of caring for loved ones with an ED, AE has spent the last seven years building eating disorders knowledge and connections within the community, and recently completed her Master in Health Education and Promotion with a concentration in Eating Disorders.

Using her lived experience and a deep belief that parents and caregivers are valued treatment team members and experts on their own loved ones, AE’s work now focuses on being a resource and advocate for parents and caregivers navigating the ED road to recovery. 

My Website: www.aerueppel.com


We are: HERE TO TALK …


What do I do when my child has an eating disorder?

Sometimes the mom and dad just need to talk to someone who isn’t their child’s treatment provider. Worries about our other children can add to the burdens of parenting a child with an eating disorder.

We provide: HOPE & HELP …


 to become a more effective caregiver.

When an eating disorder takes over the body and mind of your loved one, you want to have hope – hope that the person will want help to get better. You want hope that the eating disorder inpatient (or outpatient) treatment program will work.

We connect you with: RESOURCES …


Becky has connections with resources all over the USA and helps family caregivers find the right ones for your family situation.  



Hard-earned information from families living with an eating disorder will benefit others. We provide help for the family impacted by eating disorders:

What works? What doesn’t work?

How do you find the right treatment center?

What causes an eating disorder relapse–and what does it look like?

What constitutes an eating disorder? See how to find answers on the FAQ page.

Mission Statement

Becky Henry & The HOPE Network Team empowers caregivers to guide a loved one with an eating disorder through recovery, allowing them to reclaim joy!


Everything we do is based on respect. We believe in caregivers being included in recovery. The way we include respect is by creating accessible programs that support, encourage and train caregivers of those with eating disorders. We are changing the way parents & other family caregivers are being supported while guiding a loved one toward recovery from an eating disorder. 


Our coaching model guides family caregivers to shift from fear & worry to embracing joy and hope.

We respect that caregivers provide a vital role in recovery and our programs educate and support them to be calm, compassionate, confident caregivers.

No one should face supporting a loved one with an eating disorder alone.

We see caregivers as creative, resourceful & whole and we champion their self worth so they can have the strength and courage to support a loved one through recovery.

We’ve been there; we understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do to support your loved one? What works, what doesn't?

Learn as much as possible about eating disorders so you understand  what you are dealing with. Educating yourself will help you know what questions  to ask to choose the appropriate solution-oriented treatment for your loved one.  If you are wondering what questions would help in your particular situation, our group coaching classes or a complimentary 1-to-1 coaching session are both good places to start.

What doesn’t work: Ignoring the situation, isolating yourself, getting angry, hoping they will just stop, blaming yourself, and working with treatment providers who blame the family rather than helping the healthy part of the sufferer to grow.

What are the clues if your child is starving herself, has food phobias, or is restricting certain foods?

He or she may sit at the table with you and say he/she ate at a friend’s house or that he will take his dinner to his room. Going to the bathroom a lot, especially after eating, excessive exercise, passing out, slipping grades, social isolation, behavior changes, hair falling out, skin changes, sullenness, food rituals are just some. 

Any food phobias and restricting foods can quickly develop into a life-threatening situation in a genetically pre-disposed person. These are all big red flags that need to be taken seriously. A great resource for these red flags is http://www.familyfeedingdynamics.com/.

What can I read to learn as much as possible about this disorder?

Many great books and websites are available. Visit my RESOURCES page, and you may order my book here which shares other families’ stories you may identify with. The book also includes many references to organizations, websites, books, and resources.

How do we not neglect our other children?

Make a conscious choice that the eating disorder will not be in control of the household. Choose to make time for the other children, even if it means finding others to be with your ill child.

Coaching Reviews/Testimonials from Caregivers & Parents


Are you considering bringing Becky Henry’s Coaching to your treatment center to help parents and other caregivers get their oxygen masks on?

Here is what some of Becky Henry’s coaching clients have to say about how her 1: 1 coaching and group coaching have helped them!

“This journey would NOT have been as hard and tangled if I’d had your coaching right away when my child got sick.” ~ Individual Coaching Client

“Thank you so much for the important work you do, I am so grateful that you were there when I needed to find help for my daughter.” – Client


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