“Thank you for all of your support. I find myself wondering, “How would Becky suggest I deal with this situation?” I so appreciate the calm and steady presence in my life. A big heartfelt thanks.” ~ F.M. Client


Coaching with you has helped me so much! I feel better, I have more confidence, feel less stressed and am in such a good place! You are exactly what I was looking for & what I needed! I feel like I have my kid back!” ~ Client


“Becky Henry helped to save my life and in the hardest, darkest times of my 45 years, after I found out that my daughter was battling anorexia and bulimia she also helped me get my daughter into the right type of care … and to understand who I could trust in the field and how to express what our needs were for our daughter when she was unable to express herself in the depths of her illness. Becky’s experience, strength, and hope took me from confused and hysterical to calm and organized over time.” ~ Client


“Your support has meant everything! Thank you isn’t enough to say. I treasure you!” ~ L. P. Client


“I’m so in awe of where I am & I know I could NOT be here without you! I have claimed more than my ‘muchness’!” ~ Client


“You’ve so beautifully taught me how to set boundaries!” ~ Client


“Thank you Becky, I can’t adequately convey my gratitude for how you have changed my life! Your availability, willingness to listen, wisdom, encouragement, confidence in me and your knowing what the struggle truly is and then acknowledging it for me (when others won’t see or accept my pain) has changed my entire world and offers me hope for the future. I’m not overstating any of this!!! You have made that much of an impact on my life!

Today, it was so powerful to be reminded of how difficult it is to reset entrenched relationship expectations and yet, I am now able to see I need to, and that it is a game changer for me and for my family. My child has witnessed my emotions, my fear and my elevated emotional state in response to her crises for so many years that it is taking a completely different persona from me to convince her that not only can I be different, but she and I can be different together.” A.L.


You held space and bore witness to my process.” ~ Individual Coaching Client


 “This journey would NOT have been as hard and tangled if I’d had your coaching right away when my child got sick.” ~ Individual Coaching Client


I believed I could stop erasing my own sweet self and I asked Becky Henry to accompany me (she is a coach for mommas of children with Eds) in this space of Impossible where I lived.I needed to save my own life, my daughter’s anorexia was eating me alive!!!!!!  And a year of YES began, I said “yes” to me and through that tiny shift impossible became. I Am Possible❤️

And I began to shed the heart breaking story I kept telling myself that no longer served me.

I choose daily a new story?” ~ Client


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone when I called about my child’s newly diagnosed eating disorder. You were so helpful and it was so reassuring to talk to someone who understood.” – Client


 “Thank you so much for the important work you do, I am so grateful that you were there when I needed to find help for my daughter.” – Client


“Becky takes me by the hand and compassionately accompanies me in this heart-aching journey. She’s not afraid to share in your sad and sorrow. Becky helps you gather your pieces and gives them back to you in an order that shines hope, healing and dare I say happy! It is life changing. I am finding my joy again. I am learning to untangle my story from my daughter’s.

I am growing my marriage, my girls, my sweet 7 year old son and even myself because Becky bares witness to this heart breaking story my family has been given. And Becky is helping us write a bright, new beautiful, healthier story for us all.

My heart spills over grateful for Becky’s accompaniment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – A Joyful Mom


“Becky, you are an awesome coach. Your intuition is right on and you really push me to take the steps I need to take to create the life of my dreams! Your ability to listen without judgment is amazing and you are so kind and compassionate. Thank you for believing in me and helping me to believe in myself!” – Client


“This is such a valuable resource in our community, thank you for the caring & important work you do!” – Client


A few words about how you- the Hope Network has helped me as a support for my daughter in regard to her eating disorder.

When I first was working with you I was so emotionally exhausted from the four years of supporting my now adult daughter that I had lost myself.  I was constantly stressed and not sleeping. I just felt I was surviving and certainly not thriving.

With the one-on-one coaching with you, I gave myself permission to step out of the constant state of being on alert, to taking steps to care for myself again.  I pushed past some very deep fears and began to do things to enrich my life as I once had as a regular practice.

I began seeing friends again and traveling. I let my daughter see that life was no longer on hold for her eating disorder by my just living again. In response, my daughter began to start living as I stopped being vigilant.  

She is still in recovery but doing so much better and feels overall that she too has her life back.  By parents not living fully in spite of eating disorders, the disorders take on even more power. Thanks Becky for the guidance to get where we now are.

Bonnie Olson


“Becky has been a shining light for me, both in dealing with my own eating disorder and those of so many people that I love.

Becky has brought the “forbidden topic”  of eating disorders out into the open so that we can shed some light upon it and heal in community.

It helps so much to know this is not “our fault”.

We are not defective because we have an eating disorder.

We can learn how to live healthy lifestyles despite this disorder.

Thank you so much Becky for the work you have done to help us heal.

I’m grateful. –  P. (A MOM)


“I learned to distinguish when my daughter was speaking from her authentic self and when the eating disorder was speaking. I learned to ask her “What do you think I just said?” We could then have a true conversation rather than each of us responding to a misinterpretation based on faulty thinking.

I learned how to tell her I was concerned in a way that she could hear my concerns. I learned to speak up with my concerns and then not avoid the topic or bring it up all the time.

Having a group to discuss my concerns was also very helpful. I didn’t feel so alone with the topic.

And thanks again for the support I received from the group, from coaching, and from reading the book. It changed me and had such a positive impact on K. She is at University in the first year of her post graduate studies and is doing well!”  – N. (Mom)


“I could have written pages about this, haha !!  Please feel free to share our name with whomever you need to.  I’m not sure if I ever properly thanked you….Thank you, I know you must speak with many many parents/caregivers daily.  What you gave to us was a gift. The gift to help us help our daughter. You gave us the “permission” to need support ourselves.  We thought we were supposed to have ALL the answers. We didn’t. We have a better understanding now. Finding a family based therapist was thee best thing we ever did.  It certainly cut out alot of years of useless therapy.”


“Early on, before we even found our family based therapist, I had a consultation with Becky Henry. I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed and ill equipped with dealing with our daughter’s eating disorder. I also felt incredibly alone. My husband and I would cry ourselves to sleep most nights.

Our family simply did NOT understand.

I would say that the Hope Network was the first resource I used to help us. Becky was referred to us by another Mom who had been successfully consulting with Becky. I never before that moment considered getting help for Me and my husband. Our main concern at the time was our daughter who was medically unstable and was exhibiting some disturbing behaviour.

Being supported as a care giver, I believe, is Vital to the success of the person suffering from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are a multi faceted disease. The average person doesn’t know anything about it and even the family going through has very little understanding of it. After speaking with Becky, I realized there was NO way our family would get through this unless we established therapy that included ALL of us. My husband and I heard for the first time that we were doing the RIGHT thing. Music to our ears. Beforehand we were kept out of our daughter’s treatment. I was second guessing my instincts as a Mother. I have to say that dealing with our daughter’s ED has been and remains one of THEE most difficult things we have Ever gone through. Had we not reached out to get support for ourselves, I personally feel like we would have never had the energy, resources or strength to go on.

Our child today, nearly a year later, is in recovery. She has comorbid issues but has NO issues with food. She is moving closer and closer everyday to an independent, healthy, vibrant life as a 21 year old.


Alida and Paul Rovetto”