Hello Dear Readers,

The past few weeks have included driving from Minnesota to California, getting settled back in the USA and this past few days, attending the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP) Conference in Palm Desert where I got to spend time with colleagues and friends.

It’s hard to believe that the last time I attended this conference was 4 years ago! And I was just putting final touches on the HUG Kits (Hope Understanding and Guidance) which we’ve rolled out in levels of care from outpatient to residential treatment centers for family support with our subscription option and non-profits are using them via our affiliate option.

You can see my photos from IAEDP Presenters on my FB page – Becky Henry’s Eating Disorder Family Support and Instagram.


1. Hearing Dr. Katelyn Anderson and Shonda Brown, RD of Childrens Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) sharing that they now include parents as part of the team. And “Parent self efficacy improves outcomes.” They realized that they had a problem and they addressed the fact that they had a 20% readmit ratio and that they needed to give parents more skills for when the kids came home! Of course, this is what I’ve been seeing with families having a child discharge for years except when the parents had the skills and support. I’m thrillled that CHOC staff gets this and is seriously addressing it and turning things around! Please share with me your experiences with CHOC since they’ve implemented these new supports.

2. Getting so many wonderful hugs! So much oxytocin from all the love and support going around.

3. Seeing my Recovery Roadmaps Partner, Ibbits Newhall and getting to share with folks that we’ve re-recorded the 3 part webinar series for families into 12 much shorter videos so that it’s easier to digest (could not resist). We missed you Wendy Wright, LMFT. Here is a RARE photo of Ibbits behaving as a mature adult. 😉 Loads of silly photos to come on social media pages…

4. Paying attention to Keesha Amezcua, LMFT, CEDS, CDWF share fascinating info and data on ADHD and eating disorders. As a person with ADHD, it was personally helpful to hear of some of the research on what can help like; EED Neurofeedback, Meditation (UCLA study), Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and Omega 3’s. And helpful for my clients to know that girls with ADHA are almost 6 times more likely to have bulimia nervosa (BN) and people in general with ADHD have nearly 4 times the risk of developing eating disorders compared to their peers.

5. Finally seeing and hearing and getting to meet more BIPOC providers! Dr. Neeru Bakshi who is on the board of Very Well Health and Charlece Bishop, MS, LMFT of CR Counseling both shared about barriers to treatment for people of color. Still in 2023 only 4% of eating disorder therapists and RD’s are black. And the rate of eating disorders is higher in black women and men than non black. It is not okay that BIPOC people with eating disorders are half as likely to be diagnosed and get treatment for their eating disorder.

6. Oh and an ACTUAL dog and pony show! Thank you Shannon Kopp & Dr. Ralph Carson for the massive oxytocin boost from the dog and pony love. And for talking about quantum physics and thoughts turning to energy! Cannot wait to read the book, “The Biology of a Thought” that you recommended.

My team will be sharing more on my social sites with photos – I tried to remember to take pics but was having such fun connecting and getting amazing hugs that I forgot to snap pics most of the time. Living in the moment and doing what we need to do is a delicate balance. It’s okay to not do it perfectly.