This Memorial Day Weekend, we are coping with intolerable pain, grief, sadness and loss which takes a lot of support and skills. Over the years I have shared many of those coping tools with you dear readers.

Today I used the one where you plunge your face into ice water for 30 seconds (thank you A.L.) to settle my nervous system while thinking about how this country is allowing our children to be murdered in schools, churches, stores, subways, etc. because our lawmakers are unwilling to do anything to keep us and our children safe.

So instead of using 5 minutes to read my newsletter, will you please take a small action to contact your state’s senators and demand that they sign onto the bills sitting on their desks to protect everyone’s children?

Other developed nations have been able to do this and they have folks with mental illness as well.

Responsible gun owners are even getting the hashtag #GunOwnersForSafety trending.

Today, as we all mourn for the families who have had children and other family members murdered in mass shootings in this country we can send them our thoughts and prayers.

AND, please take action. And encourage friends to do so as well. We can all channel our sadness, anger, frustration and other emotions by contacting our representatives now.

Please take action.

The U.S. Senate owes us more than thoughts and prayer to end our country’s gun violence crisis. Right now, please send your senators a message to tell them to sign onto the bills that have already passed the House.

Everytown for Gun Safety has made it really quick and easy to send a pre-written note to your senator. This is an action we can each take to make a difference. And please vote, our lives depend on it.