Clinicians and family caregivers alike often ask if there is an easy, convenient resource to help family caregivers get the information, support and help they need to cope with this unplanned role they’ve been given.

Some of you have asked if I’m still providing coaching. Yes, both referral partners and I are still here providing one on one coaching and I still lead the weekly and monthly group support calls. 

Some families are not able to access those options and to make the support more accessible to more folks at a very reasonable rate, I created the HUG Kits a while back. Families can buy them directly from my website and if clinicians wish to provide them for the families of your clients, you can easily provide them as an Affiliate for no cost to you the provider and at a discount to your families. Just contact me for details and we’ll create a discount code and the info to easily post on your website. You can contact me via;  text, email, call or use my website. My info is all at the bottom of this email. 

The HUG Kits provide 3 powerful resources to help family caregivers become a calm, compassionate, confident caregivers.

  1. A Physical Copy of Just Tell Her To Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders.
  2. Link to 10 Videos – 10 essential, specific, powerful tools for coping.
  3. PDF Guidebook – deepen learning on the 10 essential, specific, powerful tools for coping by writing plans to take action and move forward.

The 10 Topics in the Hope Understanding & Guidance (HUG) Kits are:

HUG Kit Cover

  1. Emotions
  2. Oxygen
  3. Support
  4. Education
  5. Communication
  6. RTC – Residential Treatment Centers
  7. Self Care
  8. Enabling
  9. Validate, Listen, Acknowledge
  10. Boundaries

For my newsletter subscribers, I’ll be sharing some tips from each of these 10 Topics covered in the HUG Kits. Today it is “Emotions” that come up as a family caregiver.

  1. Notice the emotions you’re feeling right now. It will help you tolerate your emotions by simply noticing them without judgment.
  2. ACCEPT IT:  Say the following statement out loud for each of the emotions you’re feeling: “I accept being ____________.”
  3. Ask yourself, is this emotion serving me and my loved ones?

Seeing families suffering in isolation grabbed my imagination so much that I wanted to get these tools in as many people’s hands as possible. It’s not possible for everyone to do 1:1 coaching with me so I imagined and created a simple, cost effective way to get these antidotes into family caregiver’s lives and created the HUG Kits.

For more support for caregivers and this topic, visit beckhenry.com

Remember, we have loads of free support on my YouTube Channel and on my blog.

If you or a family you know of are having a hard time right now, please reach out about our support services for families. As I’ve said since 2003, “No one should have to do this alone.” And I’m glad to see others saying that now and families need the support to help loved ones through this difficult time.

Take care,